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The educational projects should be developed leaving room for teachers to develop their teaching practice at the same time that the traits can manifest educational profile.

Constructivism is a pedagogical method which is proposed with the removal of the teacher center as a transmitter of knowledge and direct knowledge, becoming a mediator between students and knowledge.

The author of the text (Maria Elisabetta Brisola), sheds some light on an interesting discussion by pointing out that the operational structure of schools and education, with schedules and curricula still end up preventing the development of interdisciplinary projects.

The origin of the word project comes from the Latin "Projectus" and has as its primary meaning: "something thrown forward." Adams notes that "the project is inseparable from action." It makes me think that every time I have to do a project, I understand I am drawing something real and not hypothetical.

On the other hand I think the dangerous terms presented by Almeida and Fonseca Junior by claiming that "it is necessary to have the courage to break with the limitations of everyday life." I believe that the evil of modern education, is precisely the lack of limits of the students, who confuse liberty with libertinism, initiative and creativity with clutter and mess.

I welcome the text of Professor Maria Elisabetta Brisola to highlight the importance of interdisciplinarity and the need for teachers to retrain in order to manipulate this new media technology in the exercise of their profession.

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