quarta-feira, 26 de outubro de 2011


Hello Maria Aparecida and Carlos Seabra,
I am a police clerk, and last week I was in the Provisional Detention Center of St. Vincent to make an examination in spelling at a detainee who should write on a sheet a saying that I would speak, and he wrote to then assess whether the experts an accounting of the crime was written by him.

Lo and behold!

The prisoner replied that would not refuse to submit myself to such examination, the problem was that he could not write. I asked him how he could not write, if the previous form of it, appeared that he had studied up to six years of elementary school. He told me he was going to school and not learn anything, they just kept talking. Still going for years ...

This inmate has signed his name (with letters

horrible) and made ​​sure the Judge of the Criminal Court where he ran the process, the facts now, narrated ....

I see a collapse in education, teaching methods were "more hipsters." Teachers can not keep order in the classroom, nobody pays attention to what the teacher is talking. All disciplinary and punitive resources were subtracted from the teachers, then ....


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