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Valdemir Hello!

I share his view nothing optimistic about students transgressors / undisciplined. Neither the school nor society can control / socialize these youth. My conviction is that our society has failed through the fault of us all, each for his particular reason. Some parents allow their children to set limits for the guilt of having to abandon them most of the day because of work, others do not charge for not having anything to offer as a useful example of such incompetence and immaturity, other deformations in personality just by by (mis) teaching your children passing on their neurotic, psychopathic vanity and degenerate, so I fear the list will have no end. Want to change that quixotic utopia is alienated from reality. Even if we were to change radically the way we are social beings, the healing process would take more than one generation with the use of a concentrated effort of all organs of society that we know is impossible because the elites do not want to change the environment that is favorable to them and the vast majority of the population out of apathy believer that ensures the survival of their immobility in the face of paternalistic social policies of the government. The rare and insufficient improvement fail to change the overall picture. I think not exceed ten percent of the scanty index. Pity the teachers and the minority that still sound foolish and disorganized society.
(Text by my friend, of Course of History University, John Ringo)

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