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Projects on the topics listed above, I want to first say that I could not envision the concepts defined in Pedagogy and clear about each of these types of projects. I read the basic text, and read most of the comments and assistance from colleagues in this forum, but the data for all concepts seem vague and not criteria that can distinguish each word with a given concept espoused by colleagues.

As a general concept, I think we all agreed in their statements, but not as individual concepts, and final set. I see enough discrepancies and contradictions in the concepts defined by each participant.

I prefer to talk of doing school projects analogy with the distribution of political power (federal, state and municipal) and separation of powers (legislative, judicial, and executive).

Here's how I understand the many facets of school projects:


In my opinion, the state has a duty to deliver to teachers and schools, an academic, with crates of teaching with the teaching material that can (not that) should be used in educating students. The state sets the basic rules of education, figuratively is the legislative power of education. The design school can not and should not delve too deeply on the issues not to petrify the whole system and does not respect regional differences and individual. It's like the American Constitution, only exposes the foundations for building society, can not be too detailed, not to inhibit the creativity of other players in the world of education. The National Curriculum seems to play this role. Other rules are established for the proper functioning of the school both within the administrative and pedagogical project.


The school system federal state, municipal, private and religious should be free to establish its own rules and methods of teaching, I see no need for uniform curriculums. There must be an opening for several other possibilities can be aired. Why is there no discipline devoted to technology and IT? Why is there no instruction focuses on public procurement? Why is there no religious schools to follow up? Today, I am not Catholic, but my early education was in school for nuns and one educational project for me was excellent.


The teacher in my view is a picture that should have more autonomy to teach, the teacher must have the autonomy to choose the textbook that is more convenient and not what the government has ruled out back. A year earlier the teachers must submit their projects to the network of schools and the community. The teacher needs to be more autonomous, have more authority, the modern figure of the teacher as facilitator and not as authority does not convince me. Teachers are discouraged, psychologically shaken, afraid of the students, with fears of parents, afraid of the press, afraid of Administrative Procedure. Frankly, without discretion and without authority, for me everything is bullshit. I reiterate that teachers should have the power to infringe physical punishment as a form of intimidation. because I believe in fear as a means of establishing order and as a means of preserving the species. In this context of Human Rights, in the postmodern world, I know it sounds abominable my concepts. But the reality of modern pedagogy pífia can no longer be hidden by the cloak of political correctness. " Without authority to define, judge, and delete the rioters, there is no education. Teachers with bags before they were books, today, walk with the bag full of remedies. remedies for the nerves to the heart to the head, for hypertension ...

Parents and students could be heard on educational projects and also had to have more involvement with the projects of the Government Network of Education, ee suit the demands of teachers. Father who does not follow the homework of their children, that does not give the contract and not participating in education DIRECT the child has to suffer legal sanctions. Parents must do their part at home ...

In short, I'm on a planet called "SAT HOPE THAT STANDING TIRES"

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