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This is your phrase of deep reflection. First I want to draw attention to the meaning of the word THEORY. Theory is knowledge, speculation, observation, research, the possibility that aim to solve a problem and demarcate. Every theory is subject to change, evolution, and abandonment as she undergoes tests. When a theory is not reproduced and it allows variable attains the status of LAW.
In the field of human sciences, there are many assumptions and few laws in effect. Thus the constant practice of a theory in the course of time will allow us to assess the reliability of a theory.
In the field of pedagogy and didactics have witnessed throughout history the rise of many theories about how best to deal with students and on methods of transmitting knowledge.
Herein lies a problem, the models presented today by sociologists, pedagogues, educators and other scholars seem to fail and even represent a step backwards when we see students reach the end of the school unable to read and write properly. Moreover, people have lost their education altogether.
Treating an old well was a matter of education today is the doctrine of Penal Law (Law of Protection of the Elderly). The savagery took care of our society so recently that it was necessary to create in our country (Brazil), thousands of specialized police to protect women, because men have somehow lost their composure and attack and kill women every day.
Education came out of the family, by living with her mother, matriarch of the household, and became the task of the State, through schools and other occupational factors. The result of all this for me is a social catastrophe. Violence, broken families and lack of moral and spiritual values.
After this reflection, I do not give an answer, but leave questions to my colleagues:
- What follow pedagogical theory to obtain satisfactory results and to produce a happier society ????? The teacher is not limited by laws that curb the new alternatives??

By Teacher Valdemir Mota de Menezes

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