segunda-feira, 28 de março de 2011


The theme "In practice, the theory is different," leads us to ponder the impact of the world of ideas into the real world has always been a dilemma faced by humanity. When we study, we make a preparation to face the challenges of the future profession, however, day-to-day brings unexpected surprises and have not yet been discussed in classrooms.
The challenge of practice that will really show who is eligible for pedagogical practice or who simply completed a degree course. Not everyone who gets a diploma, does have intrinsic abilities to exercise the teaching profession or any other profession. I believe in intrinsic gifts and talents and that the theory only strengthen and refine the genetic knowledge that people have for certain activities.
Nobody teaches JOHN-THE-CLAY, the bird that builds its nests of masonry, as it should knead the clay, the clay mixed with fibers to prevent the crack house, no one directed him to make an anti-room at the entrance, no one instructed him to make a nest in a better position against the winds of the region. But genetically, Joao-de-barro know what you have to do ...
Obviously the man has a strategic advantage in the creation, because they can accumulate knowledge and transmit them to another generation. In practice the human species is infinitely unique, because we have an extraordinary ability to adapt to harsher conditions. We built ice houses (igloos), wooden houses, stone houses. houses of reinforced concrete, so that the region offers a raw material, have skills to turn it to their advantage.
ACTUALLY I would say the theory is renewed, re-create new possibilities for enabling us to adapt to the reality that emerges each day in front of us.
Teacher Valdemir Mota de Menezes

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