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Text Valdemir Mota de Menezes


In Degree in Biological Sciences Unimes in Discipline Methodology and Practice of Teaching Science I, we were challenged by Professor Simon Thiago for us to do a review on the virtual course forum, the question regarding classes and the methodology applied today, it is or is not encouraging students to search.


With the current posture of liberal society, where authority figures were suppressed and the excesses of freedoms promoted a misunderstanding on balance freedom-responsibility, there was a major weakening of the authority figures in the western world, so parents and teachers left to be seen by children-students as symbols of all-powerful and lost the coercive power to determine the activities of subordinates with powers to punish them with physical punishment. I consider it a tremendous setback society and point. If on one hand the teachers lost absolute power in the classroom, on the other hand, the same State that took the teacher's authority to punish students with physical punishments and reproofs, has required teachers the same efficiency of the past. The State believed that students should study for the sake of knowledge and not for fear of the teacher and of the consequences. Great deception. Fear and awe are priceless virtues that provide all the creatures of the world to commit preserve attitudes insane. The herds of wildebeest, zebras and other animals only survived in the jungles infested felines because fears made us to be perpetually on guard. Without the coercive force of fear, it was difficult to teach. I refuse to hear opinions from people who are in office philosophizing about life out there, and imagining in your mind how to run a world platonic ideal. We must listen to teachers of public primary and secondary schools. Scholars and doctors who live with only books are useless to dictate rules on student-teacher relationship. But this is the reality in which we live, as a consequence, research shows that teachers are stressed professionals, second only to the police. Other sources place the teacher with the fourth most stressful profession, as this research Weekly Periodical of Brazil, Veja magazine, which says:

Since when the school came to be defined as the second home of a student, the teacher won the obligation to be part of the education of their "second sons" - in addition to planning lessons and correcting exams and papers. If the salary was compatible with multiple functions and the students a bit more educated and aware, perhaps the stress of the profession had some compensation. (David Correia, See, 07/05/2010)

I could stretch for tens of pages writing about the emotional situation of teachers today is a profession that gives its occupant, a good leave-care, stress and depression. Largely the fault of Paulo Freire and his gang of Doctors of Education who know nothing about education or social hierarchies by which built the history of mankind and all species of animals. Only plant kingdom is that you put a plan in place and she is still in the animal and plant kingdom, the imposition of rules, disciplines and punishments are essential to maintain social order. I am appalled when I see school principals charge of teachers to improve the grade of the students, if students are not learning, the teacher to review its methods, and if the student stay in the red, the teacher who is in charge of proposing a plan Recovery of the student. The Departments of Education, also pressuring the directors as a condition requiring him to remain in office is that pass rates are high and there is low truancy. Education is no longer a subject teacher and happened to be run by unscrupulous politicians who only know one SCIENCE, the science of statistics, because the votes are measured by numbers, and politicians want numbers representing magnitudes social.

It is in this context of political pressures that require good performance of teachers, without however giving teachers mechanisms for disciplining teenagers erupting hormone that educators are getting sick and unmotivated for this profession. Recently, a matter of a few years ago, I saw a Seduc Authority Santos on TV begging for candidates to contest the faculty discipline, due to lack of candidates interested in teaching in public, especially at the periphery. It remained as a teacher, people with altruistic attitudes and incompetents who only managed this qualification, so work with all the bad mood of the world, or the unforgiving heart.


Before the dark picture I painted above, we see that there are two types of teachers, who still maintains a blind faith in his work and believes in reaching a safe haven, despite swimming against the tide, and those who, tired with strenuous routines with the lack of respect for students with low wages, think: "I want more than these wastes be damned, I'll do my part if they want to learn, and if they do not, their misfortune, I will ensure my salary, they that chipping. " Once you decided the way you will take in your life, let us now analyze how teachers should act science that keeps faith in his work.

First thing a science professor must acquire is a good theoretical basis for their discipline. No one can give what he does not. So the person who purports to be a science teacher should always be studying science, as this is an extremely rich discipline

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