terça-feira, 28 de maio de 2013


I HATE Paulo Freire
Video: Various faces of the coin: Paulo Freire and Papert Seymourt
Two years ago I saw this video more thoroughly when I did the Bachelor's Degree in History. I am outspoken opponent of this modern pedagogy, trying to push down our throats in academe. Paulo Freire is to me Satan's own Marxist pedagogy, left, of rebellion, insubordination, a revolutionary Cuban who is leading our schools and youth bankrupt. Not because I have less appreciation for such waster. This new pedagogy as Paulo Freire says, "Education asking questions and not giving answers." Society evolves through the accumulation of knowledge from one generation is transmitted to another generation, so silly questions done in the past, need not be repeated in this generation, the advances of science studies and showed us the answers. The basic questions of physics and chemistry, need not be questioned with lost time, repeating questions mediocre.Student does not have to interrupt the teacher, and questioning nor objects when they graduate and are out of school, then share their thoughts. Learns is to hear, not the mouth. The way Brazil is dealing with adolescents has shown on the news that police are creating a generation of monsters, criminals and killers. The first and unforgettable lesson that the newest must learn is obedience, submission and not to question the authority of the elders and teachers.This fallacy of Paulo Freire is a great speech to the young, but has made people adept at teaching even abandon the dream of being a teacher. Today nobody wants to be a teacher, but to the hungry unemployed with no other career options, and the level will drop even more. The school became a battlefield, where the "tail" is sending the "head."In the military regime, we had class MORAL EDUCATION AND CIVIC aimed at preparing the student to live in the Social Order, respecting the principles and laws, now with this damn disruptive pedagogy of Paulo Feire and his gang, young people arrive at 18 ready to commit the greatest atrocities and all sorts of crime, to live without limits.I HATE Paulo Freire ..

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