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 By Valdemir Mota de Menezes, the Scribe

Making a historical retrospective on teaching methodologies, we can see that at the beginning of our civilization, men taught the boys in their own home environment, there were no schools instituted. Around the table, or around the campfire and talked parents taught their children about the virtues. In day-to-day the children learned from their parents professions, with the land management and animal husbandry, the girls learned by observation and imitation as performed the housewives.

Over time, the rich and powerful could put their children in the care of teachers to learn science, history and arts. Many classes were held outdoors and teaching resources was the observation in the field itself. Written material was very expensive, have access to the papyri and parchments was not for anyone.

With the advent of printing and the popularization of printed material, the teaching methodology now has a powerful feature, which was books and notebooks for notes. We finally arrived in the digital age, dying the last teacher in our civilization who do not use the computer, and other media resources.

Now we are replacing written by digitalization. Having a beautiful letter, is not significant because the orders have not written on paper, but in texts by email or MSN, at most, one copy is printed.

The management of these technologies are now a requirement that new teachers must master to match with the young people born under the auspices of the Digital Age.

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