terça-feira, 7 de fevereiro de 2012


Teachers met on February 6, 2012, among them Professor Valdemir Mota de Menezes and agreed the following points about the issue of discipline of students: 1 - Make rows in the block and enter the teacher 2 - Return the books of the year 3 - The use of the uniform is mandatory 4 - It is forbidden to wear the school cap 5 - Do not leave the room in exchange for tuition 6 - Do not leave without the permission of Professor 7 - To deliver the work on schedule 8 - Do not chew gum and sucking candy during class 9 - Just sit in the group when requested by the teacher 10 - In case of doubt raise his hand and waits for the teacher's attention 11 - Keep the notebook in order 12 - Keep yourself sitting across the room without passing

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