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Marques de Pombal and the Jesuits

Work Valdemir Mota Menezes, 5th semester of history

The expulsion of the Jesuits and the impact on quality of teaching of the Portuguese colony, this is the proposal of the work assigned to us. Looking at this moment in the history of Brazil, we learn that worse than a bad pedagogical plan is the lack of a plan to replace the previous time to overcome. The Marquis of Pombal was not interested specifically in the development of Brazil and the Brazilians. Again our history is replete with well-meaning myths of heroes, all rumor.

The basic difference between the Jesuits and the Marques de Pombal is that the Jesuits were focusing on education to proselytism and conversion to Christianity of the Indians, among others. The Marquis of Pombal was a genuine representative of the interests of royalty and state and wanted to use education to prepare good subjects for the kingdom of Portugal.

Through Permit dated June 28, 1759, the Marquis of Pombal suppressed the teaching method of "Ratio Studiorum" practiced by the Jesuits and became the established method of teaching "royal courses." The primary system was, it was disorganized and not sequential.
It is believed that Freemasonry, opponent of the Catholic Church and of which the Marquis of Pombal was a member has given the ideological guidelines for the scrapping of the religious houses of education, both in Portugal and the colonies. Although there are few documents that prove the connection of the Marques de Pombal with Freemasonry, is striking the rise of Freemasonry at the same time that the Jesuits are expelled from the lands of Portugal.
The pity of this story is that in the name of reason and enlightenment, the Portuguese Crown destroyed the fragile structure of the educational realm. The lay teachers were not properly trained for teaching. The rivalry between Catholicism and Freemasonry has not contributed to the good of education and the Marquis de Pombal had no resources to replace the Jesuits in education.
The Directorate General for Research was set up by the Marques seeking oversee education in the kingdom, is preparing the annual report. The higher education before Pombal was under the rule of the Catholic Church, became a state responsibility. In this transition of power over education classes humble yet were far from the center of discussion.
The Amazon region suffered the greatest impact with the Jesuits were expelled because they had good relations with the Indians and the withdrawal of the Jesuits this Brazilian region suffered an economic stagnation which it did not recover in the rubber boom. 

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