terça-feira, 30 de agosto de 2011


Valdemir Mota de Menezes, the Scribe

Mankind has the intellectual capacity to plan for only then execute them. We can do experiments, and only then conclude that resulted in improving the work or experiment. This ability to develop theories and then put them into practice in distinguishing it from all other creatures. Comparing man and animals is abysmal, which is why I believe strongly in the creation and not the fiction of Evolution. But continuing my reasoning, see the history of mankind has always been saturated with theories, theories on strategy, theories of government, religious theories, pedagogical theories, theories of work.

Thanks to this ability to develop theories and try them, humanity has developed new forms of housing, food and clothing, just to speak of basic needs.

Meanwhile, the other creatures on the planet for millennia still in its primitive form of life, guided only by the genetic information they carry in their hearts. Ants continue to build nests, the birds are still nesting, livestock continue eating grass and none, absolutely none of them was able to millennia of existence, change the environment to manufacture clothing for you. The ability to create theories to handle leaves, animal skins and other elements of nature gave humans the ability to dress in the most diverse materials.

The theories are products of a mechanism of reasoning and intellectual process that may or may not yield results, which can often be improved and, over time, abandoned. So let's see how men have built houses with the environment around him gave him such as: ice, stone, clay and wood and more recently we see the use of glass and metals.

The theory of government has also produced several experiments among us, such as governments patriarchal, theocratic, monarchical, democratic and dictatorial regimes, among others. From time to time, new theories are developed, new experiments are implemented and then fall into disuse and continue our journey through time ...

The men developed theories about the moon trip, and during the execution of this project (or theory) have made thousands of corrections ... All this gives us a dimension of greatness that is the human imagination, where these two words will walk together forever, for the duration of our days: THEORY AND PRACTICE.

Any theory with practice can be modified, improved and abandoned, just can not live without Theory and Practice, because that is what makes us unique on Planet Earth.

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